When you want to shop our products, there are 2 choices of ways:

A. Directly choose from the BuyCheapPrice.net web catalog

  1. Select the product you are going to buy according to availability in the web catalog (you can search for available products using category filters and complete your product selection). Add to your shopping list by pressing add to cart.
  2. When you have finished choosing a product, you can make changes through the shopping basket list, either reducing or increasing the amount according to the available stock.
  3. Continue the shopping process by pressing the Check Out button.
  4. Complete the list provided and choose the method of payment and complete your shopping process.
  5. Check your email and wait for your shopping delivery confirmation along with shipping information from cargo.
  6. Within a few weeks, you will receive your groceries at all destinations.

B. Order the appropriate product you want via email or internet calls.

  • Maybe you didn’t find the product you were looking for. Please use the Contact Form to submit your needs or use online messenger on the BuyCheapPrice.net
  • We will try to respond to your message as soon as possible, no more than 2 x 24 hours

Stocks are amounts in the BuyCheapPrice.net web catalog is the current amount of product availability.
Ordering goods will take a maximum of 6 weeks for availability.
For ordered products according to your design, it will take approximately 8 weeks depending on the type and quantity of goods after we receive the deposit in our bank account.
The shipping time is according to the agreement with the selected cargo.
The claim of loss for goods received as a result of the shipping process is your responsibility (the buyer) with the cargo.

Start your business with us as BuyCheapPrice.net’s import agent in your community. Contact us with your name and port country.